Each piece of Jaimie Nicole jewelry is handmade with love in our studio in Miami, Florida, by our talented staff.

Jaimie Nicole is grateful for the continued customer support. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

All Jaimie Nicole beaded bracelets are strung on a stretch elastic cord ranging from .07-1mm and measuring 6.5 inches long. Please refer to the section on sizing to measure your wrist for an accurate fit. Our necklaces are strung on a stretch elastic cord and .010-.014in wire. Each necklace in the Jaimie Nicole collection measures different lengths. Please refer to the individual product details of the necklace you are inquiring about.


Jewelry by nature is delicate and needs to be cared for appropriately. Please read through these helpful tips to ensure your piece of jewelry is long lasting.

Each Jaimie Nicole piece is made from the finest quality materials. We strongly advise against the use of: perfumes, lotions, hairsprays, in direct contact with your jewelry. Put your jewelry on last when getting dressed. Also, wearing your jewelry in water is not recommended. These components can weaken the elastic cord that your jewelry is strung on and possibly break the string.

Roll the bracelets individually on and off your arm. Do not try to put on, or take off, multiple pieces at once.

Store your jewelry pieces separately to avoid scratching. Jewelry pouches or boxes are recommended for proper storing.

Sterling silver will tarnish after some time and will need to be polished with a soft polish cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaners. Do not attempt to polish vermeil.


Orders cannot be canceled or modified after they have been shipped from our studio. If you wish to cancel or modify your order, please email or call us immediately with your requests.


All jewelry is delicate and Jaimie Nicole’s designs are no exception. Please read over the section on how to care for your jewelry. In the event that your jewelry breaks, we will gladly fix your piece one time free of charge if this occurs within the first 30 days after receiving your order. Shipping charges to us will be on you.

After the 30 day period, we would be happy to repair your jewelry, but a fee will be added to your bill. This fee is based per item. We will contact you once the jewelry has reached our studio with the estimated total repair cost for approval.

Note: If your jewelry is missing beads, Jaimie Nicole has the right to add an additional fee for the missing product. We suggest you email us a picture prior to shipping and we will provide you with a total estimate for your repair.

Additional note: Our repairs processing center only accepts repairs for items purchased on Repairs for items purchased at one of our retailers must be handled with the store in which the items were originally purchased.



All Jaimie Nicole bracelets measure 6.5 inches. Please measure your wrist prior to purchasing your jewelry. The best way to measure your wrist is with a soft tape measure that is flexible to move around your wrist. Bracelet sizing is an individual preference depending on whether you like your bracelets to fit tightly or loosely. Please give us the most accurate measurement for the perfect fit. We would be happy to accommodate the best fit for you; however, all sizes over 7 inches may incur a small upcharge. We will contact you prior to making your customized piece with the total cost and for approval.


Each necklace in the Jaimie Nicole collections measures a different length. Please refer to the individual product details on the necklace you are inquiring about for complete details.


Each ring in the Jaimie Nicole collections is sized differently. Please refer to the individual product details on the ring you are inquiring about for complete details.


Orders shipped within the state of Florida incur a mandatory 7% sales tax. All orders, exclusive of the state of Florida, are exempt from this sales tax


Jaimie Nicole has placed a non-removable security tag on each piece of jewelry sold. Once the tag has been removed the product is deemed final sale. We suggest you do not cut off the tag until you are 100% satisfied with the product received.


Store credit will only be available to customers who contact Jaimie Nicole within 30 days after received order. Orders will only qualify for store credit if the security tag on the product has not been removed or tampered with, and the jewelry is returned in the condition it was received.

All store credits will be redeemable under the “my account” field on the Jaimie Nicole website. Please feel free to contact us for any additional information regarding your store credit.