Sir Mix a Lot

Hi ladies! This week our blog is all about studs, specifically the mismatched stud earring trend that we have been seeing all season. If you are a stud girl, then keep on reading to find out about our latest Jaimie Nicole studs and to learn a little bit about the history of this style of…read more

All About Quartz: April Birthstone

Hello April babies! This blog is all about you and your months birthstone. Of course, the actual birthstone for April is diamond, but we chose to use clear quartz as a more budget friendly alternative. Quartz also happens to be one of the main stones that we feature in this year’s Spring/Summer collection. We chose…read more


         Hello everyone! A huge trend that has been on the rise this year is rainbow and multi colored hues. We have seen this trend in every aspect of fashion from clothing to accessories and more. These bright colors evoke a light, playful feeling that we are dying to get more of!…read more

Spring 2018 Collection: Decoded

Hello everyone! As you may know, Jaimie Nicole has recently launched our fabulous Spring/Summer collection. We have carefully and thoughtfully picked out the colors in this collection to invoke feelings of tranquility and happiness, feelings which are associated with the coming of spring. In this blog we are going to go more in depth into…read more

Spring Has Sprung: NEW Jaimie Nicole Spring 2018 Collection

  Hello ladies! Spring has sprung, and we cannot wait to share our new designs with you. This collection is inspired by feminine hues like Pink Opal, Peridot, Quartz, Blue Chalcedony, Beer Quartz and Carnelian. The unique balance of colorful and regal gold allows the wearer to feel elegant, on trend and ready for all…read more

Hoops! Hoops! Hoops!

One of the hottest trends of this season is hoop earrings. We have seen them at New York Fashion Week and red carpets throughout this spring. The popularity of this style of earring comes from the fact that hoop earrings are incredibly versatile.  With the right amount of sparkle, your casual every day hoop can…read more

International Women’s Month: Celebrating YOU All Month Long

Hello lovely ladies! Here at Jaimie Nicole we are so excited to be celebrating International Women’s month with all of you. Being a company built by strong women, we support each and every one of you. In honor of this, we will be profiling four iconic women and the jewelry that they have worn over…read more

Aquamarine: March Birthstone Looks

Hello to all of our March babies out there! This month’s birthstone is the beautiful aquamarine and we are so happy to welcome this month with this gorgeous gem. Here at Jaimie Nicole we have the perfect gift for anyone celebrating a birthday this month. But before we get into that, we wanted to give…read more

New York Fashion Week Trends Recap: Jaimie Nicole Style

New York Fashion Week has just come to an end, and what an exciting week it has been! This is a week all fashion-savvy men and women await with anticipation to gather inspiration for the seasons to come. There is never a dull moment and there is certainly no shortage of amazing accessories. Here is…read more

Where Are You Going This Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and will be here before you know it. Part of the fun of this romantic holiday is getting all dolled up and planning the perfect outfit to go along with that perfect date your significant other has planned for you. No outfit is complete without some fun accessories. It’s…read more