Red, White, and Blue Jewelry!

Celebrate the Fourth of July in style with everyday, high-end jewelry from Jaimie Nicole. Whether you’re planning a vacation or staying local Jaimie Nicole is your go-to for all things red, white and blue. No need to be cheesy with patriotic themed jewelry. This year, out shine those fireworks with unique accessories and handmade bracelets…read more

In the Spotlight: Rings, Rings, Rings!

If rings are your thing then Jaimie Nicole has got you covered. Ring stacking is a huge trend that seems to be sticking around and we are not complaining! After all, stacking is our forte. So whether it’s with bracelets, rings or necklaces we have the components that are right for you. When it comes…read more

Asymmetrical Necklace: One Necklace Worn Three Ways

Here at Jaimie Nicole, we try our best to design chic jewelry that stands out! Oh, and we listen when our Jaimie Nicole clients speak… We heard time and time again how the idea of layers and wearing a necklace different ways was just too confusing or non-existent. So, we designed our fabulous asymmetrical necklace…read more

Most Coveted Bracelet Stacks on Instagram

Here at Jaimie Nicole, the art of stacking jewelry is our MOTTO! The idea of stacking is to mix and match bracelets and create unique stacks that fit your own personality. Stacking allows you to express your individuality and stand out with your jewelry. There is no wrong or right way, the truth is, if…read more

The Color of the Season: Green

If you don’t know, now you know: green is all the rave this season! Here at Jaimie Nicole, we are loving every bit of it! Green not only embodies nature but is the color of balance, harmony, and growth. It symbolizes love and good fortune along with renewal and positivity. It is also believed to…read more

What to Pack: Memorial Day Edition

Who doesn’t love a long weekend?! It gives us gals a chance to get away and look cute while doing it. Whether you’re beach bound or headed out of town, pack this season’s must-have jewels for a weekend of fun in the sun. This memorial day, Jaimie Nicole has got you covered from head to…read more

Give Your Graduate the Gift of Jaimie Nicole

Graduation gift ready?  Here at Jaimie Nicole, we take Graduation very seriously. I mean after all you did just spend the last four years (at least) of your life waiting for graduation day to arrive. The next big step is finding a job. You can’t expect your new graduate to show up to an interview…read more

Check Out These Five Jewelry Trends for 2017

We’re already well into 2017, but have you noticed what appear to be this year’s jewelry trends? If not, let this blog be a guide as far as what to expect. Pearls – CEO of Swoonery Jean Z. Poh explains that designers have been breathing new life into pearls and incorporating them into bolder, modern…read more

How to Jazz Up Your Outfits with Jewelry

The right jewelry can make any outfit pop. Whether it’s dressing up an otherwise boring outfit or toning down what might be a more formal piece, the possibilities are endless with certain pieces. If you want to spice up your wardrobe with incredible jewelry, get started with this how-to guide.    Accessorize for the occasion…read more

Jaimie Nicole’s Last-Minute Mother’s Day Jewelry Shopping Guide

So you’ve waited until the last minute to get your Mother’s Day shopping done. The first thought may be scrambling to the nearest flower store or order a bouquet online. But isn’t that what you’ve done the last handful of years? Believe it or not, you can still come up with an incredible gift for…read more