Get Your Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts at Jaimie Nicole

It’s officially last-minute as far as picking out that special Valentine’s Day gift is concerned. That being said, there’s still some time to find the perfect jewelry for your significant other. Consider these five tips with just days remaining until Valentine’s Day. What can she use? Walking into a jewelry store without any sort of…read more

How to Make Valentine’s Day Special with Jaimie Nicole Jewelry

With Valentine’s Day just weeks away, you want to be sure to wow your significant other with that unique piece of jewelry that says “I love you.” Unfortunately, jewelry shopping can be a whirlwind for guys. Jaimie Nicole wants your Valentine’s Day to be fun, memorable, and stress-free. That’s why she came up with this…read more

Mix and Match your Jewelry with Bracelet Stacks

One of today’s jewelry trends revolves around stacking bracelets. It’s an easy way to personalize your look and express yourself. But before you get started mixing and matching your favorite bracelets, check out what jewelry pro Jaimie Nicole suggests. Start with the basics It sounds fairly simple to create your own bracelet stacks. You may…read more

Jaimie Nicole’s Tips for Buying a Woman Jewelry

If you’ve ever bought a woman jewelry, you know how intimidating the process can be. Where should you start? How do you match the piece with her fashion tastes? There’s no question that it can be challenging. Jaimie Nicole grew up with a love for fashion and design, and in the last six years, has…read more

Ring Out 2016 with 10 Amazing Pieces of Jewelry

Send out 2016 with a bang thanks to Jaimie Nicole! Each of her pieces is created to stay in style for every season, so you get the most out of your jewelry. Check out these 10 pieces of jewelry that we especially loved in 2016: Turquoise and Gold Set of Five Bracelets This gorgeous set…read more

Jaimie Nicole’s Top 5 Bracelet Stacks for the Holidays

Jewelry stores everywhere love the holiday season and for good reason. It’s the perfect time of year for customers to purchase that new piece of jewelry they’ve had their eye on. Unfortunately, shopping for jewelry can at times be a difficult process. Stores may not have exactly what you’re looking for, and as a result,…read more

Choose Jaimie Nicole for your Peridot Necklace

We welcome August with peridot birthstone necklaces for women. This lovely green hue symbolizes prosperity, the gemstone said to host magical powers and healing properties. It is said to protect the wearer against nightmares. Peridot provides those born in August with good luck and fortune. Shop now for a gorgeous peridot necklace by Jaimie Nicole.…read more

Hello Summer: Hand Chains & Ear Cuffs

Elevate your summer jewels with hand chains and ear cuffs. Rock this killer trend with pops of color, sparkle and light chain layers. Our designs create an effortless feel, that will take your style from a.m. to p.m. in a snap. Have fun with these flirty chain pieces, wear one or layer up! Shop now for versatile, high-end…read more

Learn More About Rubies

Happy birthday to all July babies! Shop all things ruby this month. Here is a little FYI: rubies are considered the queen of all gems and symbolize love, health, and wisdom. It is said that wearing a fine ruby brings good fortune. Lucky for you, A ruby is considered one of the most valuable gemstone.…read more

Chase the Sun with Our Favorite Bracelet Stacks

What are your plans for this Fourth of July? Here are our top three spots plus what to pack for each destination. Montauk, Hamptons- Our cool statement necklace is the epitome of sophistication, perfectly posh for a trip to the Hamptons. Miami, Florida- Miami calls for pops of color! Opt for our bone and semi-precious…read more